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We always strive to please our customers and look forward to new challenges, innovations and expansions of our services. Ultimately, we value the needs of our customers, their business relationship and their reputation. The Company’s objectives and goals are to provide personalized service in a thoroughly professional manner to meet customer satisfaction; that too at a reasonable price.

Our quality bound approach has glorified our Company’s profile to higher altitudes.

Service Standards

Basic Standard

Maintain at all times in good condition - office areas, service areas, public areas , utility areas, fire exits, stairways, basements, goods lifts, basement car parking and external side entrances.

Prestige Standard

High standard of cleanliness and appearance at all times - VIP meeting/ board rooms, VIP Pantry, Reception areas, Top Management floors etc.

Hygiene Standard

Areas where a high hygiene standard is mandatory - toilets, kitchens, cafeteria, pantry, vending areas, first aid rooms. Waste bins, hidden surfaces, hinges, underside of workstations etc. to be maintained free of dirt, stains, waste matter, watermarks and scale using appropriate cleaning and sanitizing materials.

Types of Cleaning

Routine Cleaning

Cleaning tasks to ensure that offices, toilets, meeting areas, public areas & all other routine work areas, furniture & floor spaces are maintained to a high level of general cleanliness and remain presentable and fit for their intended purpose

Reactive Cleaning

Reactive service to maintain full & safe use of facilities -Response to spillages, replenishing consumables & monitoring the cleanliness of all sanitary facilities

Periodic Cleaning

Activity includes all deep cleaning and periodic cleaning activities of the communal & public areas and activities that require more frequent cleaning than routine cleaning including kitchens, vending points and cafeteria


Monitoring on a daily basis to ensure high quality service Use of environmental friendly chemicals & consumables (MSDS adherence)

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