Production & Support Staff

Seven Seas HR Services Pvt. ltd.


  • All production support & related activities in different shop floors including assembly, packaging, warehousing & dispatch services.
  • Follow quality control measures as per client specifications.
  • Close Co-ordination for high end productivity & achieve production targets.
  • The large pool of resources with different skill sets in factory belts to support ramp up and ramp down activities effectively & quickly.
  • Develop & maintain a database of trained workforce as a buffer at all times for temporary placement.
  • Dedicated IR & Management team.
  • Strict adherence to all Government Statutory norms & compliances.
  • Adherence to all safety norms & EHS policies as prescribed.
  • Effective Business continuity plans.
  • Lowest attrition rate in the industry.
  • Customized training - Industry specific.
  • Customized contract model - staffing , service delivery models or Turnkey models on output basis.

Summary of Services

  • Line Operations
  • Sequence feeding
  • Material handling and movement/ Receipts
  • Assembly -offline & online
  • Packaging & Dispatch
  • Offline & Sub assembly activity
  • Industrial Housekeeping & Electromechanical Services
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Waste Segregation and disposal
  • Welding, Painting, Plumbing and Carpentry.
  • Fire & safety procedures.
  • Press shop operations
  • Paint shop & booth maintenance
  • PDI & yard maintenance
  • Data entry, Logistics & Administration
  • Quality Control
  • Staffing - MHE / EOT operators, Fitters, Technicians, Welders, Fork Lift operators, etc

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